#30- Eighth Day in Israel (Monday)- Jaffa

A view of Tel Aviv and the beach from Jaffa.

A view of Tel Aviv and the beach from Jaffa.

Today, we were given a lot of free time. The only thing we had to do was meet up in the morning for a discussion. I think it went very well. Everyone shared their reactions to the trip, and there was a very large variety of feelings. We also discussed whether or not we thought Jerusalem was a divided or undivided city (the last journal entry for Jerusalem) and the security purposes of the wall. I thought this last part was interesting, as we talked about how the wall doesn’t really provide the security it claims to provide, and how a wall is such a primitive means of security in a such a modern technological age. Overall, the conversation was very deep and powerful.

The old clock tower in Jaffa.

The old clock tower in Jaffa.

After this, we had the rest of the day free so we went into Jaffa. We ate at the restaurant connected to the oldest bakery in the city. We got dips, salad, and pita (surprise!) and I got a kabob. When I go home, I’m really going to miss the food. The hummus just isn’t the same. After this, we walked around the market for a little bit and sat by the old clock tower. I got some postcards for those who asked (I’m going to send them when I get home, shhh). We all met up and went for a walk along the beach at sunset. It was very beautiful, and the beach was filled with sea glass, so I picked some up for my mom because she collects it. Now we’re back at the hotel and getting ready to go out tonight. We’re leaving Wednesday, and now that it’s around the corner, I’m going to be sad to leave. I’ve really enjoyed the trip, and it’s really affirmed just how much I want to work in human rights/NGOs/nonprofits.


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